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RSoft is a leading software product development company in India. We develop Mobile & Cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Solution for all size of businesses. Such as Small, Medium, Large Size of businesses, B2B and B2C enterprises to increase leads and sales opportunities. RSoft CRM is a smart business platform, the first of its kind featuring the most unique and the crucially needed functionalities that can revolutionize your business processes.

At RSoft, we know businesses need a smarter platform to catch up with the evolving demands of the digital age customers. In RSoft Technologies has bundled up a host of amazing functionalities that can let your business surge forward to the winning edge.

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Our vision is to be the premier business software provider in the universe.

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Our mission is to be the premier business software provider in Chennai by 2020.

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Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

Data Analysis

We conduct thorough data collection and analysis of your institution’s current strengths and differentiators.

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We will work together with you to develop a plan that is actionable, feasible and tailored to your needs.

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Our role in this step is to provide expertise where needed, to augment select initiatives as desired.

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Rsoft's History - A Momentous Voyage That Began Rooting Two Decades Back

RSoft's far reaching roots in the CRM Software and Mobile application development arena draw heavily from the moorings of its Founder CEO. Way back in 2001 summer, he had just then passed out his twelfth grade and took over his family run business 'SumathiVazhikati'. Eventually, he had to develop his first code in FoxPro to cull out phone numbers from over 15,000 records of the said business. Founded in 1963 by his grandfather given a format like a Telephone Directory Service by his father, this firm was a hybrid of an online business directory and a Call Center.

RSoft's Founder &CEO holds an MBA in Sales and Marketing and enjoys about 13+ years of experience with some top MNC's of the globe like Sage Software (USA), and Blindmatrix (UK). He too has hands on experience spanning over 25+ years in guiding different kinds of Small and Medium Enterprises across different industry domains like Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship. He has developed innovative and tailored software solutions for Retail Chains, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Pastries, Salons & Spas, Optical shops, Textiles, Jewelers and showrooms, and Coffee shops and many others business to flourish a world class style.

RSoft was founded in 2010 and since then it has played a crucial role in the budding and growth of several businesses. Providing a handheld assistance from day one of their establishment, RSoft has guided them with some crucial business needs and processes like branding, generating more sales, promoting customer loyalty, enhancing the productivity on a daily basis and moving up to the next level of growth and development. RSoft has so far nurtured nearly 500+ businesses and hence we are highly exposed to different business models and the nitty-gritties of different industry sectors.

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